Sunday, August 12, 2012

Final Preparations

Just a quick update: I leave for Costa Rica this Thursday, August 16th, and will not be back in the States until Christmas time. It is amazing how fast this Summer has flown by, but how blessed it has been. I just came back from a week-long retreat: the School of the New Evangelization (SNE). It was a grace-filled week in which the Lord worked powerfully in my life, and through which I had the privilege of meeting 200 other Catholic missionaries who are on fire for their faith. I could not ask for a bigger blessing than this before leaving. With less than a week left, the magnitude of how much must be left behind (family, friends, culture, home, language etc..) is starting to sink in. But the Lord has shown me again and again that He will not be outdone in generosity, and the very first unravellings of His plan for my life this year are beginning to show.  I await my early morning flight and the adventures it will bring with slightly bated breath, but firm trust in the truth that God in His perfect love are the same no matter where I go.
Until then;
Catherine DeMarais

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